Architecture is a process of planning and designing that space and ambience that reflect functional technical, social and aesthetical environment. Spur team incorporates highly creative and dynamic team of architects whose responsibilities are not limited to fulfill the requirement of its client but to add life and value to the work. Following are the work undertaken by Spur Engineering.

Building Design
We first listen to your idea and then we little fine-tune it and prepare a concept around your idea. We design and redesign until you are fully satisfied because we know it’s not just another structure rather it’s your dream. Picture1-300x219
3D Design
The beauty of seeing the unseen will mesmerize you. We use highly advance 3D rendering software to portray real like image of your proposed structure so you can experience its dynamism even before its build.  Picture2-300x225
Interior Design
Effective setting of your interior not only dignifies your standard on living but may also help in cost saving by optimizing the use of resources and materials. We Spur Team will work together with you to achieve the optimal design even with the limited resources available to meet your requirement.  Picture3-300x207
Landscapes, their character and quality, help define the self-image of a region, its sense of place that differentiates it from other regions. We understand that it adds the dynamic backdrop to people’s lives, therefore we create with a pride and add value to our work. Picture4-300x232